(Xbox One) Cannot Connect to server Unknown Error

Lead GM Cicada -

If you are receiving this error, please try clearing the MAC Address for your Xbox One. To do this, follow the steps referenced below:

  1. Navigate to the Xbox dashboard
  2. Select All Settings
  3. Select Network Settings
  4. Select Advanced Settings
  5. Select Alternate MAC Address
  6. Select Clear
  7. Your Xbox will prompt you to restart


Should this issue persist, please submit a ticket by clicking "Submit a request" below, and provide us with answers to the following questions: 

  • What region is your console currently set to?
    • This found by going to Settings->System->Language & Location then locating the section of the screen that says location.
  • Who is your internet service provider (ISP)?
  • Open a web browser on your Xbox and type in https://www.whatismyip.com/ to provide us your public IP
  • What is your current network status?
    • Found under Settings->Network and then report the information displayed under the current network status area of the page.
  • Please submit the results of your detailed network statistics
    • Found under Settings->Network->Detailed network Statistics run the check and report all data displayed on the screen.
  • Please submit the results of your test multiplayer connection.
    • Found under Settings->Network->Test multiplayer connection run the check and report all data displayed on the screen.
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