(Xbox One) What comes with the Ultimate Hyper Pack?

Lead GM Cicada -

Unlock all current Hypers and future Hypers. No matter what role you want to play, you will always have multiple Hypers available.

The Ultimate Hypers Pack Includes:

  • All current and future Hypers unlocked.
  • Xbox-exclusive Aurora’s Skin Set
    • Aurora’s Pride Skin for Arslan
    • Aurora’s Shield Skin for Athena
    • Aurora’s Monstrosa Rosa Skin for Blue Rose
    • Aurora’s Acolyte Skin for Cain
    • Aurora’s Embers Skin for Ignitia
    • Aurora’s Gunslinger Skin for Turner
  • Unique Equipment for Arslan, Athena, Blue Rose, Cain, Ignitia, and Turner.

PRE-ORDER BONUS: Purchase before August 7th and receive Aurora’s Arrow Skin for Celine.

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