(Xbox One) What does the ticket status mean?

GM Mewlynne -

So you've submitted a ticket to us and are either awaiting some awesome support or are already speaking to a Nexon Player Support Representative? Great! You've probably noticed that when you click on the "My Activities" link under where your login name is, that it shows "New, Pending, Open, Solved or Closed". What do those mean? Great question! ;) I went ahead and gave a breakdown of the statuses below.  



  • Your ticket has been submitted successfully!
  • Unfortunately an agent hasn't seen the ticket or started working on it yet.
    • Sorry! :(


  • Your ticket has been responded to and we're awaiting a response from you.
    • Don't worry, solved tickets go through a process too! ;)
    • Hey! Try to get back to us as soon as you can. If we don't have a response from you in 120 hours (5 days) after we send you a response, it will automatically be set to solved!


  • You are a rockstar and responded to our question we've asked you and are awaiting a reply from us. 
    • Hey, if there is a wait, we are deeply sorry for that, but we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for being so patient and awesome.


  • Your ticket was marked as solved because we believe that your issue reported was solved. 
    • You may get a survey sent to you. I'll mention some cool things about the survey after the explanation. :)
    • If the issue hasn't been resolved, you can respond back to the ticket again and it will put it back to the open status and we'll answer your question or clear up anything that may have been missed!
    • If you don't respond in 48 hours after it's been set as solved, it will automatically close.


  • Woah! The ticket was closed. Was your issue resolved? Still need help after it's been closed? Take note below and let the bullet points guide you!
    • You'll be able to click on the link at the bottom that says "Create a Follow Up" and it will essentially create a new ticket, but link us to your old ticket. 
      • Pretty cool, yeah? Maybe? I'll let you decide.
    • We defeated all of the evil in the gaming world together everyone! 
    • You may get a survey sent after, which I will mention below.
    • Issue isn't resolved!
    • Issue was resolved!



Hey! I got a survey in my e-mail inbox. What's so important about these? Can't I just ignore it? Yeah, it is something you can ignore, but let me explain what's so awesome about these surveys. 

  • Good Surveys
    • Trust me...the feels we get when we read how we positively impacted your gameplay!
    • Thanks for giving us a good survey. This will let us know as Nexon's Player Support how we're doing at providing our fellow gamers service and we will continue to keep doing what we're doing. ;)
    • You can leave good comments on the surveys too! These get shown to the managers as well as the support representative that was helping you.
  • Bad Surveys
    • "Wait....so my ticket may get reopened and responded to differently?" 
      • That can happen. If we feel that there was more that we could do as a Player Support department to resolve your issue, you bet your bottom dollar that we'll open it back up and try to resolve your issue.
    • "Cool! Nexon Player Support is awesome! I want to change my rating from bad to good, can I do that?"
      • Ha! Thanks! We're glad we could make your experience in contacting us a positive one. You can totally change the rating by going to your ticket under your activities and change it from there. 
    • Oh darn! We weren't able to give you the service you expected. We're really sorry about that.
    • If you leave a comment on why you felt the service wasn't up to par, Player Support management reads them and people like myself look at what we could have done differently (if different policies need to be put in place or if we could have assisted you, but the representative who assisted you couldn't, but maybe we felt that it could have been resolved, we can take another look at it) and try to make it right.

Hopefully this article was able to inform you of how our new ticket system works and how powerful both good and bad surveys are! If you liked this article, please feel free to give it a thumbs up (that way I'll know to keep doing awesome ones like this...unless you hated it, then I'll know to stop. =P)

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