(PC) How do I gather my error battle logs?

Senior GM Cicada -

While playing Hyper Universe, you may encounter an error or an issue within the game. If you do, your battle logs will help the Hyper Universe game team in pinpointing the cause of the issue.

To locate your battle logs, please follow the instructions below.

If you are using the Steam Client:

  1. Open up your Steam Library and locate "Hyper Universe"
  2. Right Click "Hyper Universe" and open "Properties"
  3. In your Properties settings, click on the "Local Files" tab, then click "Browse Local Files..." to view the Hyper Universe installation location.Steam_2018-01-18_11-44-12.png
  4. Once you've located your Hyper Universe game folder, you'll see a folder called "Battle Logs" Please attach the files located in this folder to your ticket and see below for more information.




If you are launching the game using the NEXON LAUNCHER:

  1. Open your game location via Nexon Launcherimage2017-6-28_15-1-38.pngimage2017-6-28_15-0-28.png
  2. You will see a folder called BattleLogs. Please attach the files located in this folder to your ticket.


If you are submitting a ticket, please include any additional information you may have to help us identify the cause of the issue, such as:

  • Date and Time of issue
  • The character being used
  • Game mode and map
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