(PC) Having an issue? Repair your game files!

GM Mewlynne -

Sometimes bugs and login errors you may encounter may be due to corrupt game files or a client sided issue. You can quickly perform what we call a "repair installation" on your game to repair or obtain any missing files.

If you are launching your game through STEAM: 

  1. Open up your Steam Library 
  2. Right click on "Hyper Universe" and click "Properties"
  3. In Properties, click on the "Local Files" tab.
  4. To perform the repair installation, click "Verify Integrity of Game Files..."Steam_2018-01-18_14-52-44.png
  5. Once clicked, the validation process will begin and any missing files will be reacquired! ヽ(^◇^*)/


If you are launching your game through the NEXON LAUNCHER:

  1. Open up your Nexon Launcher 
  2. Click on the Hyper Universe game page and click on the "gear" icon to open up your Game Settings.nexon_client_2018-01-18_15-40-26.png
  3. Click on "Game Configure" in the sidebar of the Nexon Launcher Settings.
  4. Select "Hyper Universe" as the game.                                                                                      nexon_client_2018-01-18_15-26-06.png
  5. Click on the "Repair Installation" button. When you click on Repair Installation you will receive a message that will ask if you wish to continue. Click 'OK'.              


  6. Once you click OK, the repair installation will begin running and will verify the files within the game folder and check for any missing or damaged files. If it finds any, it will download those files and/or update them. Once it is complete the normal play button will return and you may launch the game normally.

Still having trouble? Submit a ticket to us so we can further assist you! 

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