Refer A Friend FAQ

GM Sonaak -

Q. What is RAF?

A. RAF refers to "Refer a Friend", which is our reward system for people who invite their friends to play Hyper Universe. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you get!


Q. How does RAF work?

A. First, the referrer needs to be at least level 2 before they can start inviting players to Hyper Universe. Once the referrer is level 2, go to our referral page and login using your Nexon account:

Once logged in, the referrer will be given a referral link to share with their friends. You can only recruit people to Hyper Universe who has never played Hyper Universe before. Older Nexon accounts are more than welcome!

The referee who is given the link will be prompted to create or login to a Nexon account. Once they are logged in, they will see "Success!" and the option to download the game through the Nexon Launcher or Steam client.

For each referred player that gets to level 7, the referrer gets closer to awesome rewards!


Q. Can I play through Steam?

A. Yes! When first launching Hyper Universe through Steam you will be prompted to login to your Nexon account. If you are NOT prompted, it means you already have a Nexon account linked to your Steam account. If you aren't sure which Nexon account is linked to your Steam account, contact our support team:


Q. How do I redeem my rewards?

A. While in game, click on the Story menu tab, locate the "!" that indicates which Story was recently completed, and the rewards will be given out once the story has been read through!


If you have any issues or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to send us a ticket.

-Hyper Universe Team


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    I clicked the link listed above, but I get a "Server Not Found" tab and this message:

    Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

    We can’t connect to the server at

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    GM Sonaak

    Thanks for catching that. Fixed!

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    Excuse me, Nexon, but the issue is still there. The referral link is still broken, and still takes you directly to "" With the message "Can't reach this page".

    Thank you.

    Details states this is the issue.



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