(Xbox One) General Tips and Tricks

GM Sonaak -

1. Hunting Monsters  

Clearing out the monsters in the side lanes is incredibly important for increasing your gold and levels. Taking monster gold and keeping it out of your enemy's pockets can mean the difference between victory and defeat.


2. You do not need to compete with allies for kills

Gold obtained by defeating enemies or destroying turrets is given equally to all allies. Assists and kills provide the same amount of gold.


3. Restore mana by using regular attacks

When you hit enemies with a regular attack, you restore a portion of your mana. Natural mana regen is low, so you will need to utilize your regular attacks to restore your mana.


4. Upgrade equipment items fully

All equipment items have a final upgrade effect that is activated once fully upgraded. These bonuses are often quite strong, so it is more efficient to upgrade one equipment item fully than to upgrade your items evenly.


5. Flank the enemy

Even low mobility Hypers have the ability to dash every few seconds. Moving through floors and attacking from the front and back at the same time is an effective strategy.

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