(Xbox One) Damage Guide

GM Sonaak -

Attacks in Hyper Universe can be described as below. How they interact with their enemies will differ depending on the type attack it is.


Area Attacks

Area of effect attacks that strike multiple enemies across a large area. Many melee abilities are considered area attacks.

Damage is reduced by 20% for each Hyper hit by the attack. Damage is only reduced for Hypers. (1 l 2 l 3 l 4: 100% l 80% l 60% l 40%) 


Projectile Attacks

A ranged attack that launches a projectile that does damage to enemies that it hits.

Damage is reduced by 35% for each enemy the projectile passes through, up to two times. Damge reduction is affected by minions and monsters. (1x l 2x l 3x l 4x : 100% l 65% l 30% l 30%)

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