(Xbox One) Which Hyper Should I Play?

GM Sonaak -

There are over two dozen Hypers available to play in Hyper Universe, and each one has their own unique play-style. However, across the board they can be distinguished by their role, or class. You can find out which role might suit your play-style the most by reading our role breakdown below: 

1. Tank

Tank Hypers lead the charge into battle and protects his allies from enemy focus. Some tanks focus on engaging on the enemy, while others have abilities that help them absorb even more damage. Tanks build items that provide health and defense and have a passive that increases their bonus defense by 10%.


2. Bruiser

Bruisers differ from most tanks by having higher mobility and attack, at the expense of defense. While you may not be able to absorb the sustained attacks of the enemy team, you make up for it in bringing crowd-control tools like stuns, enabling your allies to land easy attacks or crowd-control of their own. Bruisers passively gain 5% increase to their bonus attack and defense.


3. Specialist

Specialist Hypers are damage dealers that use their explosive abilities to dish out sustained or burst damage. All specialists share the characteristic of stringing their abilities together to deal maximum damage. All specialist Hypers gain a 10% increase to their bonus attack. 


4. Striker

Strikers deal damage through their primary attack, using ranged weaponry to stay at a safe distance. They can dish out tons of Area damage, as their primary attacks will pass through enemies. Strikers are extremely item reliant and will need to gain gold if they want to contribute to fights. Striker Hypers bypass 10% of their enemy's defenses. 


5. Support

Support Hypers assist their teammates through their abilities, either by buffing their allies or debuffing their foes. Healing and shields can provide allies with some much-needed assistance, while crowd-control abilities and debuffs can hamper enemy Hypers. Support Hypers have 30 increased maximum Mana and Mana regeneration. 


6. Assassin

Assassins are highly mobile and extremely dangerous Hypers that can quickly move to their target and unleash their damage combos. They have far lower defense compared to tanks and bruisers and must time their engages carefully. Assassin Hypers penetrate a flat 15 defense. 


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