Reporting Bugs or Game Crashes

GM Jentemoon -

If you are experiencing game crashes, bugs or other technical issues please follow the following steps to report these issues properly to our game team. Hyper Universe is still in the early stages so there are bound to be some bumps in the road! 

If you experience a Game Crash:


Click on "Send Error Report" this will send your game crash report to the game team to investigate. You do not need to do any additional steps in this case.


 If You Experience Disconnects or other issues Follow These Steps:

If you run into any issues like disconnects, please send us your log files. You can locate your log files with the steps below:

  1. Open your game location via Nexon Launcher



2. You will see a folder called BattleLogs. Please attach the files located in this folder to your ticket.


3. Please include any additional information you may have to help us identify the cause of the issue.

See The example below: 

  • Steps to reproduce
    1. Login to HU
    2. Join Training Room
    3. Select Jennifer
    4. Disconnect

If you experience a Bug in game Please follow these steps: 

Please use the following format to report bugs on our forums: 

  • Type of Bug
  • Description
  • Screenshot/Video
  • How to reproduce
  • Result
  • Expected result
  • What Region you are connected to. 

Once you've collected this information, please report it on our Bug Report Forum

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