Reporting Bugs or Game Crashes

GM Jentemoon -

If you are experiencing game crashes, bugs or other technical issues please follow the following steps to report these issues properly to our game team. Hyper Universe is still in the early stages so there are bound to be some bumps in the road! 

If you experience a Game Crash and receive this pop-up window. Please follow these steps: 

Upon a game crash if you see this BugTrap window appear do not click "Submit Bug" right away. 


Click on the "More..." button to extend the window and reveal more options. 


Then click on "Save..." and save the crash report in a place that you will easily remember! Like your Desktop for example. This will save a "" zip folder to the location that you specified. 

Once you have this Zip Folder, please submit a ticket and select Tech Support as the issue category. In the Ticket request form, you can add the Zip folder in the "Attachments" section. Additionally, please include the actions in game that lead up to the crash to help us reproduce the issue.  

If you experience a Bug in game Please follow these steps: 

Please use the following format to report bugs on our forums: 

  • Type of Bug
  • Description
  • Screenshot/Video
  • How to reproduce
  • Result
  • Expected result

Once you've collected this information, please report it on our Bug Report Forum

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