How do I redeem my Hyper Universe Beta Access?

GM Jentemoon -

If your account has been granted access to the Hyper Universe Beta test, you would have received an email to the email address you used to register for Hyper Universe.

Your Beta Access email will contain a 16 Digit Product code that you will need to activate in the Nexon Launcher.

Once you log into your Nexon Account through the Nexon Launcher, click the drop-down menu to select “Activate a Product.“


Hyper Universe will have a 16 Digit Product Code that you can activate by entering it in the Activate a product menu. 


Once you click “Next” Hyper Universe will appear in your Nexon Launcher and begin to install. Once the download has finished click play and jump in!

** Please note that if you redeem your Beta key on the wrong account, we are not able to remove the key from that account. Also keep in mind that Beta Accounts will be wiped once the Beta has concluded. **

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